Rocky Point


Krista KI6HMR Checking the roof
Antenna Crew – Sherman KI6WMI – Chuck KI6GOG – Mike KA6IYS – Mike KN6ILG
Upper Parking Lot
Our Antenna
Where the coax enters the building
KI6WMI Sherman – Ground Crew
Mike KN6ILG working on bottom element
Chuck KI6GOG offering encouragement to Mike KN6ILG
Mike KN6ILG installing the top element
Ground crew – Sherman KI6WMI & Chuck KI6GOG
Tower Base with SARG in the concrete
Inside the building looking at our rack
Duplexers and control radio
Top to bottom – Power Supply – Repeater with controller – Control Radio – Duplexers
Power distribution – Battery Back Up not shown is below the duplexers at the very bottom of the rack.
Mike KA6IYS about to close up