You MUST have an FRN prior to applying to take an exam. We will no longer be able to accept your Social Security Number in place of an FRN. You may register with the FCC and receive your free FRN at this LINK.



Examination Update:

Remote amateur radio license testing for new licenses and upgrades is now available through the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group (GLAARG). For full details check their website at and follow the links on the Welcome Page.

 Ham Radio Exam Session Application Click the highlighted text to open the application form to take an in person  ham radio license exam offered by the Sequoia Amateur Radio Group through the VEC Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group. Our club holds monthly exam sessions on the 3rd Saturday of each month, except December, at 11AM. We use the Valley Estates Property Owners Association Community Center located at 14213 Allen Avenue, Weldon, CA 93283.


The fee for taking your exam is $10. The application package above lists the fee waivers that GLAARG offers to certain groups and individuals. The FCC will most likely have a $35 fee for a new or renewed license. We will only collect the $10 fee at the session, the FCC will contact you for any payment due them after your paperwork is submitted to them for processing. The fee is the same for in person or online exams. In person exams with SARG require that you sign up at least 1 day in advance.


Want to renew or make changes to your license directly with the FCC? Use this LINK.

The master question pool is available from the National Conference of Volunteer Exam Coordinators  NCVEC.  The questions in the pool with the incorrect answers removed are located below.

2022-2025 Tech Pool Correct Answers Only     

2019-2023 General Exam Question Pool with Correct Answers Only

2020 -2024 Extra Class Pool Correct Answers Only

You may also take practice exams at QRZ.COM, EHAM.NET, or other locations on the internet.