Important – effective March 1, 2019 you MUST have an FRN prior to applying to take an exam. We will no longer be able to accept your Social Security Number in place of an FRN. You may register with the FCC and receive your free FRN at this LINK.


Examinations for obtaining or upgrading an amateur radio license are available after each meeting of the Sequoia Amateur Radio Group. The meetings start at 9:30 AM and the exams usually start around 10:30 AM. There is no meeting or exam session in the month of December. Exams are $5.00 and administrative upgrades are $2.00 and are processed through the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group Volunteer Exam Coordinator. Participants should bring the original of any successful completion of examination currently pending that will be used as credit to upgrade an existing license. They should also bring a government issued photo ID. Exact change is appreciated.

Walk-ins are not guaranteed, please call or email in at least one day in advance to be sure testing will be available. Contact Mike Higgins KA6IYS at (760) 378-1028 for your reservation. The question pool for the General Class exam will be changing on July 1, 2019. It will be made available here sometime during the month of May. It is currently available from the NCVEC (link below) if you wish to review it at this time. All exams prior to July 1, 2019 will use the current pool, all exams on or after July 1, 2019 will use the new pool. Effective Mar 1, 2019 you MUST have a Federal Registration Number (FRN) BEFORE you apply for a new license. Click on Pre-Arrival info below for more information.

Want to get a head start?
Review this document:     Pre-Arrival Info
Download an Application for exam: Form 605

Want to renew or make changes to your license for free directly with the FCC? Use this LINK.

The master question pool is available from the National Conference of Volunteer Exam Coordinators  NCVEC.  The questions in the pool with the incorrect answers removed are located below.

 2018-2022 Tech Pool

2015-2019 General Pool

2017-2021 Extra Pool

You may also take practice exams at QRZ.COM, EHAM.NET, or other locations on the internet.