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Our next meeting will be Saturday October 12, 2019. The start time will be at 9:30AM with the doors opening at 9AM, There will be snacks and drinks available before the meeting starts. We will have a free door prize drawing for all in attendance, even if you are a non-ham or non-member. A raffle drawing will be held after the door prizes are awarded. Tickets for the raffle are $1 each or 6 for $5. We will meet at the Kern River Valley Elk’s Lodge, 6708 Wofford Blvd., Wofford Heights, CA 93285. Ham radio license examinations will be available after the meeting. Reservations for the exam session are required. Contact Mike, KA6IYS, at (760) 378-1028 or by EMAIL to reserve your spot. See the Exam Info page for more details.

Our PJ Lunch for Sept. will be Wednesday 9/25 at Nelda’s beginning at 11:30a.m. It will be a smaller group because several will be out all week camping. They will be missed., but we will enjoy lunch with those who will attend. Let me know your intentions, please. Thank you! Marty :))  RSVP


The Sequoia Amateur Radio Group was founded April 1, 2006 by a devoted group of ham radio operators living in the Kern River Valley. Our goals as stated in our Constitution are:

This organization shall be for the purpose of encouraging the amateur radio operators of the Kern River Valley and the Walker Basin to gather together to encourage friendship and fellowship, emergency preparedness, community service, advancement of and education in the radio arts, and technical help among its members and those of the general public who are interested in the amateur radio communications hobby.


Our upcoming programs are listed in the Club News Section of the Kern Valley Sun. Click the LINK to go to their home page in a new tab.he