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  It is with sadness we report the RoseAnn Burch, KE6IOX, has become a silent key. There will be no local services. Our sympathy to her husband Don, WA6JGB, and the rest of the family.


Our next meeting will be Saturday July 13. 2024  at the Kern Valley Elk’s Lodge in Wofford Heights. The doors will open at 9AM and the meeting will start at 9:30. The program will be a recap of this years Field Day experience.


Our 2024 Field Day location has changed. We will be closer to home this year and will operate from Greenhorn Mountain Park. Details are on the Field Day Page.

RF Exposure requirements and information is on the MISC page.


License Examinations Update:

Face to Face examinations in the Lake Isabella area are now available. See the EXAM INFO page for details. The question pool for the Amateur Extra Class will be changing on July 1, 2024. Keep this in mind if you are planning to test for Extra. Make sure you study the correct pool of questions.


Remote amateur radio license testing for new licenses and upgrades is now available through the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group (GLAARG). For full details check their website at https://glaarg.org/ and follow the links on the Welcome Page.


The Kern River Valley HF Net is held on, or near, 3813.0 KHz. We meet at 2000 hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The net is open to club members and others that would like to participate.



Every morning, except some Sundays, you will find us on  a radio round-table at 9AM on the local Rocky Point Repeater 145.450 (-) 156.7 tone. This is the Prune Juice and Baloney Sandwich Net. This net is not an actual club event, but it is supported by the club and it’s members.



The Sequoia Amateur Radio Group was founded April 1, 2006 by a devoted group of ham radio operators living in the Kern River Valley. Our goals as stated in our Constitution are:

This organization shall be for the purpose of encouraging the amateur radio operators of the Kern River Valley and the Walker Basin to gather together to encourage friendship and fellowship, emergency preparedness, community service, advancement of and education in the radio arts, and technical help among its members and those of the general public who are interested in the amateur radio communications hobby.