Saturday September 8, 2018 – Kern Valley Elk’s Lodge, Wofford Heights.

Chuck KI6GOG at teh sign in desk
The Crowd gathering
Speaker Mark Gordon and helper Alex KM6EQZ from the Kern Valley Hospital District
Dick N6SKJ – Torin KK6YAB – LeRae KE6VRD – Richard AE6TA
Layout of planned construction
Bob KI6TLB – Nancy K6NJR
Jan N7CCV (back to camera) – Jane KA6CZS – Lisa C
Skip N6SR – John W6IBL – Donna WA6FUN
Speaker – Mark Gordon


Some of the available door prizes
Raffle Prizes donated by K6LDK


Door Prize Winner – Skip N6SR – Solar Charger
Door Prize Winner – Bob KI6TLB – Flashlite
Door Prize Winner – Chuc KI6GOG – Best Side?
He finally made up his mind – Safety Vest
Door Prize Winner – Christine KK6AZQ – 10ft Tape Measure with carabiner.








Pete W6SV donating the raffle prize radio he won to Christine Hancock to encourage her to study faster and get on the air.