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Camp Andrew Brown at Big Meadow 35.874222N / 118.348189W Jun 24-25 2017

Nice sunny day - battery is charging well

Where did that stump come from ????

It was sitting here until it got stuck under someones trailer step.

Oh, you mean THAT trailer step!

WB6LMZ's camp

KA6IYS's camp

KI6GOG's camp (stump, what stump?)

Part of N6TF / KK6AZQ camp

The rest of the N6TF / KK6AZQ Camp

N6SR's camp


Liz XYL-LMZ - Janet XYL IYS - Bob WB6LMZ - Christine KK6AZQ - Bill N6TF

Tree that fell in the Saturday afternoon wind storm.

Gavin - Tyler - Hanna - Ethan [Hesse & Caudell Grandkids]

Notice the squashed red fire bucket - it was just delivered that day!

Camp view from N6SR's site

Notice the limb hanging straight down, it would have missed KK6AZQ's car by a foot.
It fell in the same storm as the tree shown earlier.

Saturday night ribs!!!! Mmmmm good!!!!!

Monday afternoon, repairs underway

and a good time was had by all....

until next year!

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